Long Weekend

Welcome back everyone!

I hope those of you who were celebrating the 4th of July had a great weekend, and that my British viewers had a great time celebrating Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory!

My weekend started off great with a wonderful 4th of July dinner of homemade cheese pizza, chocolate chip cookies, and some hard cider. IMG_2031


IMG_2036We didn’t end up going to see fireworks. Long story short, my husband hates going to see fireworks. Since I didn’t have anyone to go with, and the ones closest to us that I wanted to go to were cancelled…we stayed home and were boring party poopers. I spent the evening packing and doing a pile of dishes, and he spent the night watching a movie. Yep…we’re super fun people. 😉

On Friday, we headed up north to see my mother-in-law, and took her to see her “boyfriend” Johnny Depp and her new “boyfriend” Armie Hammer in The Lone Ranger. IMG_2075We ended Friday night with a grill-out with my MIL and one of my husband’s close friends. It was a nice, relaxing day, and was the closest to a 4th of July celebration as I was going to get.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing stuff around my MIL’s house, which was boring and annoying for me. I re-caulked her bathtub, which took forever, and attempted to destroy her walls while installing mini blinds (which, as it turns out, are not meant to go in 100+ year old houses). I didn’t take any pictures because I was being watched like a hawk, and really didn’t feel like dealing with it.

We got back yesterday, and I spent the day unpacking from our trip up north, working on stuff for school, and getting ready for blogging this week. I’m hoping that this week I can make some serious progress on packing, and hopefully get more posts up this week on things I find make moving much easier…including what I spent my 4th of July evening doing. 🙂

Sorry for not having more awesome pics for you, but it really wasn’t that fun of a weekend. Hopefully this week will be a lot more fun, especially now that I’m feeling better and looking forward to some sunny bike rides!



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