Back in the Game

IMG_1931Yesterday, I decided to get back outside. I’ve basically been sidelined for the past two weeks because my doctor recommended that I avoid exercising out in the heat while I was still dealing with the blisters and hives. I tried to do a few workouts indoors last week, but the drugs I was on made me feel awful. So for two weeks, I’ve been doing my best to do nothing but relax. Unfortunately, all it did was drive me nuts – I missed getting outside, even if it was 90 degrees almost every day. I craved it, and was excited to get back out there once I started feeling better.

So, I decided to get out yesterday morning before it got too hot outside and go for a hike. I even ended up running almost half of it, which is a pretty big deal for me given I hate running.

It felt great to get out there and sweat a little, even if it left me itchy as f*** by the time I was done. A long, cold shower remedied that after I got home.

Here’s a bit of the amazing view. It was still a bit cool, but very humid. The light fog over everything gave everything a nice, peaceful glow.

It was the perfect day to get back out there. IMG_1934








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