Life Lately

Some snippets of life around here lately…

IMG_1924This has been my go-to snack this week – Ritz crackers, cream cheese, and strawberry preserves. We bought the preserves last weekend at our local farmer’s market, and it is amazing stuff! I really do like buying things locally when we can, and while it was a bit pricey, it’s nice to know that I’m contributing to our local farms…and to be honest, it tastes a lot better than what I’d get at the store anyway. Totally worth the extra money!

IMG_1922I’m finally getting caught back up on grading papers and other work crap this week. Being off my game these past couple of weeks has been rough, but I’m slowly getting my shit together. Lucky for me, my students were patient about having to wait an extra couple of days to get their work back…but it was still a lot of work to do in a few short days!

IMG_1926One habit I want to get back into each night is reading before I go to bed. Lately, it has been hard for me to focus and stay awake while I’m basically drunk on Benadryl. I still haven’t finished the Chelsea Handler book, but I’m getting there. It really is a funny read, and one that doesn’t take too much brain power at the end of a long day.

IMG_1915A cautionary tale for all of you to witness – a dull knife is FAR more dangerous than sharp one! The chunk of nail polish missing on my ring finger is from my attempts to cook dinner at my brother-in-law’s new house last weekend. He doesn’t cook much, so all of his knives are hand me downs from other people, half of them were missing handles (yikes), and this particular knife was really dull. While in the middle of telling my husband that we’ll be buying his brother a new set of knives as a housewarming gift, the knife slipped off the side of the zucchini I was cutting and bounced right off my fingernail. I quickly grabbed my hand, let out an audible, very angry sigh, and tried really hard not to cuss in front of my young nephews. Luckily, it only took off a thin layer of my nail…barely noticeable…but man, I almost had a heart attack.

So let that be a lesson to everyone out there – yes, sharp knives are sharp. But they’re supposed to be. It’s what keeps your knife cutting the things you WANT it to cut, and away from your precious fingers. 🙂

I hope you’re all having a great Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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