Today was going to be the day I told you we’re moving to a new apartment in July. I had blog entries ready to go, projects lined up, and inspiration to share. We were even going to sign the lease this afternoon. I had big plans for the next month.

It’s not going to happen today.

My husband decided last night to put things off while he waits on some news at work. While I am trying to respect his hesitation for taking on another year living somewhere he might not have a job in by the end of the week, it’s hard to keep on waiting for things to be “perfect enough” for him to move forward.

This isn’t the first time he’s put things on hold over the past year. We were supposed to be moving to Seattle this fall, but when he realized it was going to be a lot harder for him to get a new job than me, he put it on hold. I can go anywhere and be a teacher, and while I won’t ever make a lot of money doing it, I can go anywhere and make enough to live just fine. In the past, he’s made it clear treating me and my career as an equal intimidates him. He likes to control things, and when I’m the one calling the shots…well, he doesn’t handle it gracefully at all. It’s not one of his better qualities.

So while I wait on him to figure out what he wants to do, I’m going to push forward with getting ready to move anyway. Over the next month, I’ll be working on packing up, purging things I don’t need, and getting excited about decorating a new space…wherever that may be.

All I know right now is that if I don’t take a dive soon, I’ll spend all day in the hot sun waiting for the water to be just right. And that, my friends, makes for a miserable summer. šŸ™‚



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