Catching Up

Good morning everyone!

Well, I know I’ve been off the radar for a bit. Turns out poison oak is something I’m severely allergic to, and it left me pretty much out of commission all weekend.

I’m feeling a bit better now, thanks to some pretty strong drugs. I ended up at the doctor on Friday morning for a cortisone shot in the ass and about 3 weeks worth of some steriod drug that leaves me tired and grumpy (go figure). All of this before I had a chance to get a coffee or breakfast…so I ended up coming home with this:

It's a comfort food kind of day


Not healthy at all, I know…but it could have been worse. I behaved myself the rest of the day, I promise!


After I got home from the doctor on Friday, I decided to cash it in and just sit around reading magazines and trying to relax. It was a long, rough day, and it was nice to take the day off for a change. Yes, I photoshopped out a lot of the blisters and crap on my hand – it was pretty awful on Friday. I figured I’d spare you that. 🙂

On Saturday, we had to go to my nephew’s birthday party. I wasn’t looking forward to this at all…not because I didn’t want to see my nephew, but because when I woke up Saturday morning, my face looked like this:


Luckily, with the skillful artistry of makeup, I managed to cover up most of the blisters and redness on my face. Without makeup, I probably would have just spent the whole day inside, hiding like Quasimodo. I guess all those years of having horrible acne, and having to learn to cover it up, finally came in handy.


Much better. I still wasn’t all that happy about having to go out, but I sucked it up for my little nephew. It was a fun time, even if I had to constantly repeat to the parents  that I wasn’t contagious. Sigh…I think some of them were secretly hoping I had chicken pox and that I would go lick their kid’s face (one woman kept asking me repeatedly “Are you sure it isn’t chicken pox? Because if it is, I’m totally cool with that.”).


As you can also see, I decided that even though it was really hot outside, I went with my chambray shirt to cover up what makeup wasn’t going to cover. Since I was also still a bit out of it from the medication, and irritated that I had to go out in public, I decided to stay comfortable.

I spent most of Sunday on the couch, taking naps, or just trying to get work done. Yesterday I went back to work, which was fine since most of my students work in the health care field and know that when I say poison oak, it’s not anything they need to worry about.

The upper half of my body is still covered in blisters here and there, which is gross, very painful, and itchy, but with the use of makeup and some cardigan sweaters, I can usually keep it covered up during the day. My hands are probably the worst, and I can’t wait for them to be back to normal. Handwriting and typing are a pain, so grading papers and doing work for school was my main priority this weekend. I have a ton of catching up to do, but I’m hoping today I can get back into my usual blogging routine.

So that’s where life is right now. I do have some news for the blog this week, but I’m waiting to hear back on a few things before I tell you what that is. I’m excited and a bit nervous about the changes that are soon to happen around here…and I’m very excited to get these damn blisters to stop itching!

Hope you’re all having a much better week than I am!


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