Lazy Thursday

Instead of posting something meaningful, I’m sitting her trying not to scratch the shit out of my hands. Turns out the poison oak I got was pretty bad, and now it’s on both of my hands. Typing also seems to keep me occupied enough that it doesn’t bother me so much. Thank goodness for calamine lotion and ice packs!

On to some random pics from the past week or so:


Sorry for the awful iPhone pictures, but I was planning a post for later this week on my go-to summer outfits, and this was as far as I got. Most of the time, my summer outfits consist of shorts, some kind of college-related tshirt (I have a ton of them) or tank top, and a ponytail. However, lately I’ve been curling my hair – probably because it hasn’t been that hot outside yet. I wore this out last Friday to dinner with some friends who were in town. Their young daughter is obsessed with copying things I do, so now she wants her own shirt with gators on it. Too bad her father’s a big Michigan fan!



Sunday night, I spent the evening baking chocolate chip cookies for class, drinking a nice glass of wine from our vacation, and baking some special cookies for D. I went with a Martha Stewart recipe (big surprise there) for Cream-Cheese Walnut Cookies, and they turned out great. The best part is that since it’s a freezer dough, I only made half of it and left the other half in the freezer for some other time. We don’t go through cookies that quickly in our house, so it’s nice to be able to store some of the dough for later instead of the cookies going stale.


This is what I was wearing (with shoes, of course) on Tuesday when I got the damn poison oak. Our bushes around our patio were overgrown, and I got the bright idea to go outside and trim around our patio and areas we brush up against when trying to go in and out of our apartment.

The top is my new one from Target, and it’s super comfortable – unlike my hands right now, which are all blistered up and itchy as shit. Oh, and excuse the awful look on my face…I wasn’t in the best of moods that day. Cleaning our apartment just irritates me to no end. Case in point: I spent two hours trying to unclog our dishwasher and clean it. Looks better…but still gets clogged up. I can’t win this week.

Hopefully the crap with my hands will get better soon, and I can be back on my usual posting routine. I feel like with being out of town this weekend, and being so busy with work, that this week was a total wash. There’s always tomorrow, I guess!

Hope you’re all having a nice Thursday!


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