Birthday Shopping!

As I’m sure you know, one of my favorite things to do is shop. I’d do it every day if I could.

Unfortunately, I’m on a spending freeze for the most part. I don’t make enough money to do anything fun during the summers (ah, the life of a teacher), so I really have to reign it in when it comes to extra spending. Even though birthdays should be about celebrating with friends and family, and treating yourself to a little something special, it’s not always that easy.

I was lucky this year to get money from my parents, so I could do a little bit of birthday gift shopping. I also have a great husband who likes to spoil me a little every year because he knows that right now, I can’t afford to do that for myself.

To go along with the rowing machine he already bought me, I wanted to update a bit of my workout wardrobe. After going to several stores, I ended up at Target…and came home with some updated workout staples. And because it’s Target, I came home with a few other fun things too. It is my birthday present after all…it can’t all be serious and boring stuff!


IMG_1800I only had 3 sports bras, so this was the first thing on my list of things to get for myself. I know, 3 sounds like a lot, but when you’re sweating through them 5x each week, it means doing a LOT more laundry throughout the week! I have one like these already, so I knew I’d like them. I’m not big on the camo print, but no one is going to see them, and they were on clearance for $12 each, so I can’t be too picky about it.

IMG_1803I also don’t have many workout tops for spring/summer, so I picked up a short-sleeved one and a sleeveless one. I stuck with my usual neon thing, since I wear them outdoors. I like that they’re lightweight, wick away sweat, and hopefully won’t show off my boob sweat like the cotton tanks I’ve been wearing. 😉

IMG_1811Bought another pair of workout shorts…lame, but hey, I can’t always wear pants or capris. Especially when it’s 80+ degrees outside – that’s just too damn hot for pants!

IMG_1808Anyone who shops at Target on the regular knows to check the clearance racks. Most of the time the stuff is “meh,” but I found a new pink cardigan for $6. Since I wear them a lot at work (stupid AC in our building is so inconsistent), I’m always on the lookout for cheap ones in new colors. Currently, the only other cardigans I have are black or white. I wear them until they fall apart, so I’m glad to have a new one to stick in the rotation.

IMG_1812I read an article in Vogue recently that said we should all be taking better care of our hair, so I can blame them for why I came home with this stuff. My hair is naturally stick-straight, but lately I’ve been playing around with curling it, and thought I could try out a sea salt spray for it to give it more texture. I used to use one in college, and loved it because it made my boring straight hair a little wavy, and it smells like summer. The argan oil is something I’ve never tried before, but since dying my hair last time, I’ve noticed my hair has been a lot more dry and coarse. I’m hoping this will help with that a little, and protect my hair from the extra blow-drying and curling I’ve been doing lately.

IMG_1826I didn’t buy the phone cover, but my hubs did the last time we were in Target together. Turned out we went there so he could buy me a waffle iron (the one below we ended up getting at Bed, Bath, and Beyond instead), but he also got me a phone cover. I haven’t had one for my phone, and it drives him nuts that I didn’t have one (I was being picky about getting one I liked). Leave it to Target to have the perfect phone cover that also has a little grip on it so I stop dropping my damn phone.

IMG_1822Waffle iron…it makes waffles, and I f*cking LOVE waffles. It goes against my whole “watching what I eat” thing, but I can live with it. I’ll just suck down more smoothies or eat less for lunch on waffle-eating days. I haven’t had one in years, and I’m excited to try out all kinds of new waffle batter recipes. If you know of any, you let me know!

Other than that, I spent my birthday weekend with my parents, who came down for a rare visit and an amazing dinner. D. decided on my actual birthday (which was Monday) to take me out for Chinese food, since apparently it’s blasphemy for me to cook dinner on my own birthday.

Even though it was a birthday I had a lot of trepidation about celebrating (turning 30 isn’t really something I’m on board with yet…haha), it turned out to be a nice time.

I’m also planning to extend the celebrating all the way to Friday, when this comes out:

I’m really hoping this is better than the movie I dragged my husband to last year for my birthday (Immortals), otherwise he may never let me take him to another movie starring Henry Cavill again. 😉


2 thoughts on “Birthday Shopping!

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Love your Target haul. I seriously love that store & can’t come out of there without a handful of bags! I took Friday off work …because at midnight on Thursday, I’ll be seeing Superman. Woot woot!

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