PMB June: Pushing Myself Indoors

Yesterday, I talked about the idea of pushing myself harder with my outdoor workouts.

Well, that’s all great until you walk out the door and get smacked in the face with rain:


The other reason I haven’t gone outside to work out much this week: IMG_1783Yeah…that was the cheapest gas price I found yesterday. After putting only half a tank in my car, and wanting to cry and throw something, I decided this week I need to try to work out at home. Driving 20 miles every day for just a workout isn’t really a good idea when gas costs that much. I already feel like I have no money – this just adds to it.


I think I established a while ago that I hate working out at home. It’s too easy for me to get distracted, and it’s hard to find something to do that I like. So, for my birthday, my lovely husband decided to get me something he knows I like to do indoors. In the winter, you can usually find me in the rec center at work on a rowing machine. However, since I don’t work at that school right now, it’s not something I do often anymore.

Until now: IMG_1835D. decided to be a total sugar daddy and buy me a nice little rowing machine. I didn’t ask for one at all, given I’m not really all that big on asking for stuff anyway –  he came up with the idea on his own. I know some women would be insane with rage if they got exercise equipment from their significant other, but I was okay with it. I know I’ll use it, and it gives me a good excuse to watch terrible television (hello, Kardashians!) while I work out. The weather here has also been stupid lately, so this will be a nice alternative if I can’t get outside.

I’ve only gotten to try it out once, and it’s going to take some getting used to. I’m used to the rowing machines with the bar on a cord that you pull toward you, and I think this machine was made for someone a bit taller than me (I feel like when I pull back on it, my arms are level with my head). Other than that, it was a great birthday present from a pretty great guy. 🙂


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