Birthday Wish-List

Since my birthday is on Monday, I thought I’d have a little fun today and make up a fantasy birthday wish list. There’s no way I’m getting any of these things, mostly because I’d never ask for them…but it’s still fun to fantasize a bit.

1. A new camera.

Canon – EOS Rebel T3i 18.0-Megapixel DSLR Camera, $599.99, Best Buy

Now that I’m getting into blogging more, it would be nice to have a camera that I could take better photos, and one that’s small enough that I could take it places with me. This one seems like it would fit the bill. But at $600, it’s way out of my price range, and far outside of the range I’d ask for as a gift. I’ve also looked at some smaller point-and-shoot cameras, but again, way out of the price range of what I’d ask for. Of course, my husband is kind of a photography nut, and if I even hinted at wanting a better camera…he’d probably get me one. Guess I’ll have to weigh my options on that one.

2. A cover for my iPhone.

Rain 6 iPhone Case by Garima Dhawan, $35, Society6

I’ve been putting off getting a case for my phone. Part of the reason is that I can’t seem to find one I like…and part of the reason is that I don’t want to spend a ton on it. Society6’s cases are all $35 each, but with hundreds of options to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one! I like this one for summer – very bright and cheery!

3. A Jenny Andrews Anderson (MFAMB, as some of you may know her) painting.

“Margot” by Jenny Andrews, $1,200, JennyAndrewsAnderson on Etsy

I’m a bit of a fan of Jenny’s blog, My Favorite and My Best, and her paintings are amazing as well. There is no way I can afford one, but hey, this is a fantasy list for a reason. And to add to the appeal, this painting is inspired by one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite movies (Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums). Can’t get any better than that, right?

4. A new computer bag / carry-on.

The Brookline 15″ Laptop Tote, $198, Lo & Sons

After almost 5 years, my current computer bag is starting to wear out. I use it to take my computer with me when I travel, and I also use it for work. So whatever I replace it with has to be tough enough to endure every day abuse.Β This bag, while pricey, looks like it would be a perfect replacement. It’s the right size to store a TON of stuff both for work and travel, and being a canvas tote, can be easily cleaned and maintained (unlike my current bag, which is faux leather and the lining already has holes). I think if it would last me as long as my current bag, it would be well worth the price.

5. Some pretty “Thank You” cards.

Fritillaria Thank You Note Card, $5 each, Banquet Atelier & Workshop

Of course, after getting all these amazing gifts, it would only be right to send out heartfelt, handwritten thank you cards. I thought that these were so pretty, and perfect for my late spring/early summer birthday. I know getting these as a gift might come off a bit rude (note to self: don’t ever send someone else thank you cards), I think if paired up with some of their other pretty stationary, it would make a cute set to give to someone for a birthday, graduation, or baby shower…if you know the person receiving them won’t take it as a slight or anything.

Well there you have it…my fantasy birthday list. The things I would love and cherish, but would never ever ask someone to pay for. πŸ™‚

But what do I really want for my birthday?

A nice dinner out with friends and family, as long as they don’t call attention to the fact that it’s my birthday (I hate it when strangers at restaurants sing to me), and maybe some strawberry shortcake (my signature birthday cake). The rest of that stuff is just stuff…what I really love is getting to spend a day with people I care about. I don’t get to see friends or family very often, so it’s a good excuse to get them all out here to hang out. That, my friends, is the “reality” list.


6 thoughts on “Birthday Wish-List

    • Thank you for stopping by! Your blog looks like a good one to read. I watch far too much TV, and am trying to watch less – and I agree that it takes away time from other fun stuff (like reading, which I don’t do as much as I’d like to). πŸ™‚

  1. i always make wish lists, and people always send things to me! so you never know, maybe one day you’ll get one of those in the mail πŸ™‚ happy birthday! hope you get everything you want.

    if you’re feeling lucky you should
    enter my kenneth cole bracelet giveaway!

    only 5 people have entered so the chance of winning is high πŸ™‚ it would be a great birthday present!

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