Picking My Battle: Profile Pictures

One thing I really wanted to do this month was to get my blog in better shape. A major part of that was for me to take a damn profile picture that I could use for the blog, social network sites, and other fun stuff.

I know why I put it off – I hate taking pictures of myself. It takes forever for me to get a good shot that I can use.

Of course, there are dozens of photos like this on my computer already, but D. took them. I avoided using them partly because I didn’t want to ask, and mostly because no matter how attractive he says I am…he takes horrible photos of me. Most pictures he’s taken of me were the result of an ambush, usually when I have on no makeup, my hair hasn’t been washed in days, and he insists that a rattly old tshirt is just fine to wear because he’s just “testing out the camera, so it doesn’t matter.”

Oh, and not sure how he manages it, but he ALWAYS gets pictures that make me look like I have a double chin. I don’t – but if you only saw me from his perspective, I look a lot like this:

Yeah…not cool.

So, yesterday afternoon I set up the Photo Booth feature on my laptop and goofed around. The pictures aren’t the greatest, but they’re only being used for tiny profile pictures, so they don’t have to be. They’ll be so small that I doubt anyone will care. That, and anything is better than an iPhone selfie. I still suck at taking those.

Here are a few pictures that turned out alright, and you may be seeing more of in the near future!

Photo on 5-23-13 at 3.51 PM

Photo on 5-23-13 at 3.57 PM #2

Photo on 5-23-13 at 4.14 PM

Photo on 5-23-13 at 4.15 PM #2

Photo on 5-23-13 at 4.16 PM #6

Photo on 5-23-13 at 4.08 PM

Photo on 5-23-13 at 4.19 PM

Then, to make sure you guys know how REAL I like to keep things around here, a few goofy outtakes for good measure:

Photo on 5-23-13 at 3.47 PM

Photo on 5-23-13 at 4.15 PM #4

Photo on 5-23-13 at 4.16 PM #3

Photo on 5-23-13 at 4.16 PM #4

Photo on 5-23-13 at 4.17 PM #5

Photo on 5-23-13 at 4.18 PM #2

Photo on 5-23-13 at 4.20 PM #3

I decided to keep the pictures in black and white because I thought it would be easier than trying to figure out what to wear while doing them in color. Also, my hair hasn’t quite gotten over the whole “lighter on top, darker on bottom” problem – and I’m not a photoshop pro, so I can’t really fix that.

For fun, though, I did take one color picture, just to show you just how much brighter/darker you have to make your makeup for black and white photos to look right:

Photo on 5-23-13 at 4.25 PM #5


I know that I haven’t been too great with my challenge this month, but I figured that with finals week, vacation, getting ready for summer classes, and trying to exercise more, I’d go with something manageable.

One long afternoon and a pile of makeup later…I’m well on my way. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Picking My Battle: Profile Pictures

  1. You’re crazy, those are great photos! Some might be a little dark but none of them are bad. Look in to a blogging event. I went to WordCamp Austin last weekend and learned a ton of stuff, which I really need to type up a post about. Most events can be expensive but WordCamp was only $20 πŸ™‚ I don’t have a FB for my blog yet, its something I’ve been avoiding because I don’t want to break out and show EVERYONE yet. I never feel prepared enough, I should get over it though and just do it. Haha, thanks for the self-pep talk!

    • I might have to look into the blogging event stuff once my summer classes are over. That’s one of the crappy things about being a college teacher – we don’t get to take days off while school is in session! I was a little bummed the pics turned out dark, but we had a thunderstorm hit right as I was in the middle of taking pictures – so I’ll try again some other day.

      I’ll probably update the blog later on how the Facebook thing works out. I’m assuming none of my friends/family will find it (they’re not the stalking type), but I figured that after 8 months of blogging, if they haven’t found it yet, I might be alright for a bit!

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great Friday!

  2. Your pics look great! If you’re putting it to a vote, may I suggest the last serious shot? It has a nice bit of attitude. I always feel photos play up my ruddy skin to typhoid fever levels. A tan helps, but that causes wrinkles. What’s a boy to do?

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