Post-Vacation, Post-Indulgence



After a week away from exercising and eating healthy, I got back into my usual routine this week. The weather has been warm and sunny, so a long bike ride was just the thing to get me back into gear.

Since we weren’t able to cook our own meals while on vacation, we were left to eating at restaurants the entire time we were away. While this meant that I indulged in foods I don’t normally eat a lot of (french fries, bacon cheeseburgers, and pasta), I mostly stuck to eating things similar to what I eat at home. When we came home, I was terrified that I had undid any good work I had done over the past few months. However, I hadn’t gained any weight, so I think the combination of trying to eat more salads, drink plenty of water, and all the walking around kept my weight from creeping up at all. It wasn’t always easy to say no to the amazing desserts most nights, but I knew that indulging a little bit was better than going overboard. Thankfully, it didn’t do too much damage.




Another thing I was looking forward to when I got home from vacation was getting back into eating more fruit. Being on an island, sometimes it’s hard to get certain foods because you’re dependent on what they have shipped to their restaurants and stores. One place we went to for breakfast a few times had a strawberry, orange, and grape fruit salad on their menu, but didn’t have the strawberries or grapes! So I spent a lot of last week eating oranges, which isn’t something I usually go for – but when served cold, they’re great!

After I got home from my bike ride yesterday, I decided to whip up a fruit salad of strawberries (they’re finally in season here!), orange slices, and frozen peaches. Why frozen? Because here, peaches kind of suck – so I usually end up with frozen ones.

All I did was chop up the fruit, squeeze out any remaining juice from the orange, and sprinkle it all with a pinch of sugar. Simple, healthy, and perfect after a long, hot bike ride.





It’s definitely not the same as eating at a restaurant for lunch, but to be honest, I’m glad to be back on track. Eating out kind of got old after a few days, and I like eating smaller, healthier lunches anyway. Oh, and I’m totally hooked on the Vitamin Water Zero lemonade. I love drinking lemonade when it gets hot outside, but I don’t like all the sugar and calories it comes with. While this isn’t exactly the same…it’s a good enough substitute, especially if served very, very cold!

I hope you’re all having a great week so far, and I’m off to go do some work for classes which start next week. I’m nowhere near ready, but I think after a good work session today, I’ll be pretty much all set!


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