Island Getaway

Here are a few pictures of our vacation to Put-in-Bay, Ohio.


I pretty much lived in that sweater and scarf the first few days we were there. It was a bit colder than I was banking on, but that’s why you pack layers! It did warm up later in the week, which was great.




The picture above is the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, which unfortunately wasn’t open – otherwise, I would have totally risked freezing my ass off to go to the top of it to look around. D. wasn’t too excited about the idea, so he was fine with it being closed.

We ended up staying at the AHOY Bed & Breakfast, which was amazing. The family that owns it are really nice, the room was perfect, and the deck was a great place to get a little bit of sun (once it warmed up). It was also within walking distance to the downtown area, but quiet enough that we weren’t dealing with too much noise while trying to sleep. If you ever find yourself out there, check this place out!




We also managed to find plenty of fun stuff to do, even though it’s still their “off season” on the island. A lot of things don’t open there until Memorial Day weekend, so while we didn’t get to do everything we would have wanted to do, the two wineries on the island were definitely open and running!

The Put-in-Bay Winery & Doller Estate was by far the best tour we went on – I mean, you can’t beat a tour that involves wine tasting, right? It was fun to hear all about the history of the Doller family, the island itself, and learn more about the winery.

Oh, and we totally ended up buying 8 bottles while we were there. Don’t worry – we came home with 6 of them (one we drank, the other we gave to D.’s mom)!


We also toured the Heineman’s Winery earlier that week, but unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures. The only one I managed to get was of the wine glasses we bought from their gift shop (because we kinda didn’t think that through when packing…haha). Their winery is a lot older, and while the tour didn’t involve tastings, it was still cool to see how much things haven’t changed there in many, many years.


We also found plenty of other places to hang out, including a cave tour and mini-golf at Perry’s Cave (which I only lost by one stroke!), lots of beer (and hard cider for me) at Hooligans Irish Pub, and TONS of great food around the island. I might share more about that later this week, if I can get my hands on some more pictures!

Overall, it was a nice way to relax and unwind for a week. Going in the off-season meant we couldn’t do everything we wanted to, but it was nice to be there before it got too crowded. We could pretty much walk to everything, but we did end up renting a golf cart for a few days to just drive around and see what was open. It was quiet, peaceful, and a great way to escape the stress of school for a week.

If you want to see more, head on over to my Facebook page later this week, where I’ll be sharing some more photos from the trip!


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