Packing Smart: Clothes

I’m going to apologize right now for just how shitty these pictures turned out. I have no way to take this kind of picture with my iPhone, so I had to use my crappy camera, the lighting was bad, and I was in a hurry. So keep that in mind when judging my photo skills harshly. I need a new camera. I also need a bigger paycheck. Such is life!


I have to say that packing for this trip was by far the most difficult of all the trips I’ve had to pack for in the past. The weather in Put-in-Bay this time of year is really in between, with the high temperatures starting out in the 50’s, but making their way into the 70’s by mid-week. When packing clothes, this meant making sure I had outfits that could work for a wide variety of temperatures, and making sure I have options packed for days that get a little colder/warmer than planned.

We leave on Saturday to visit family, then take off for the island on Sunday, and are staying until Friday. So I had to pack seven days worth of outfits, and while I wanted to try overlapping some pieces, it was really hard given the weather changes.

I thought it would be fun to put together all of the outfits ahead of time, that way I could make sure that each outfit could be easily adapted, and to make sure that I’m not overpacking. Not sure why it happens, but if I don’t plan each outfit ahead of time, I’ll take my whole closet. So while many of you don’t need to go this far with planning what you’ll take, if you’re an over-packer, this really does help keep unnecessary things from ending up in your luggage.

Oh, and I wrote this before we left, so it might sound odd that I’m talking about what will happen, even thought it already has. I might come back and update later to let you know how each outfit worked out, but that all depends on how much wine I’ve been drinking. 🙂



On Sunday, the high is only supposed to get around 50 degrees, so I’m planning for it to be a cold day. We’re spending the afternoon with my parents, then off to our ferry ride to the island, checking in, and making our way through town. I have on an olive green tank under the chambray shirt in case it’s a little warm outside, and a scarf in case it’s cold. You know, either way I should be fine. I might swap out the wedges for sneakers when we get to the ferry, since we’ll have to do a bit of walking and lugging around our luggage.



This is supposed to be another chilly day, making it up to 53 degrees. I’m going to try to make this day one of the winery tour days, since we’ll be inside for the most part. I’m a huge fan of bringing cardigan sweaters with me on trips because I can toss it on if it’s too cold. Oh yeah, and this is my first foray into colorful pants – I got them on my thrift shop trip last week, and they are super comfortable! Perfect for a long day of walking around!



I love packing dresses with me on vacations – they take up like no space at all! The high for Tuesday will be 59, so while it’s getting warmer, I figured another cardigan would be nice to pack with me just in case. I like this one because it’s nice and warm, and since it’s black, I can toss it on over most of the other outfits if it gets chilly at night. I’m not bringing a coat, so I’ll be relying on sweaters the whole trip. Don’t mind the lack of shoes…I just forgot. I’ll probably go with the wedges, or some flats.



A big change of pace because the high on Wednesday is supposed to be 77 degrees! We have free use of bicycles from our B&B, so Wednesday will probably be the day we get outdoors and explore the island a bit more – maybe even work in some beach time! With all that biking around in the warmer weather, I thought I’d go with something more casual. This Arrested Development tshirt is from the guy’s section at Target, and it’s one of my favorite shirts. It’s so comfortable, fits very well, and helps me represent for one of my favorite shows. Can’t wait for it to be back soon!



The high on Thursday will be 72 degrees, so I thought a nice spring skirt would be perfect. While I pretty much live in jeans and shorts, I thought it would be nice to switch it up while on vacation. The skirt is another thrift store find from last week, and aside from having to sew the hooks back on to it, it’s perfect and very comfortable. If it gets too cold, I can always throw on the white cardigan from earlier in the week. This might be the right look to convince the hubs to go to a nice restaurant that night!



This will be our last day on the island, and with a high of 70 degrees, I thought it would be good to go with something like this. The shorts were from the thrift shop, and I spent some of Friday afternoon sewing the hem shut (not even ironing them helped) to make sure they stay in place. I went with a flowing top and lots of gold jewelry. We’re also supposed to visit my grandparents on our way home, so I wanted something that would work for going out to dinner as well, and I think this will do (if I get gun-shy about the shorts, I can always swap out for the black skinny jeans from Sunday).

Planning things out like this really did make it easier to pack, especially with the drastic temperature difference from day to day.

Some tips on planning outfits:

1. Check the weather before you start packing, and re-check the night before (if you pack earlier than that). Most places you’ll go will have consistent weather, but make sure to plan for rain, snow, heat, cold, or whatever may realistically come your way. If it’s going to be 90 degrees and sunny every day, you can overlap some of your outfits (say, wearing the same pair of shorts 2-3 times) to save space in your luggage. If you’re going somewhere like me where the weather is all over the place, try to plan outfits that can be easily adapted if the weather is warmer or colder than you’re expecting. That one scarf goes with pretty much every outfit, and taking both a white and black cardigan will keep me warm no matter what I’m wearing.

2. Be realistic about what you’ll be doing while you’re there! I didn’t show that I also packed one workout outfit for whichever day we go bike riding, but it’s in there so I don’t have to sit in my own sweat all day Wednesday. The rest of the week I’m planning to be really low-key, so I didn’t pack anything uncomfortable or too formal – it’s an island getaway, not a night club. So pack according to what you’ll be doing, and you will be comfortable the whole time!

3. Don’t forget to pack all the stuff I didn’t mention on here! Of course I didn’t show you my underwear, bras, socks, or pajamas, but they’re all packed up too! I usually take an extra pair of socks, extra pair of underwear, and extra set of pajamas if I’m staying somewhere more than 2-3 days. I’ve been in situations where I got stuck somewhere for an extra day, and you’ll be so happy you packed that extra pair of undies, trust me! You can always re-wear your jeans…but for me, more than a day in one pair of socks is just awful. It won’t take up much more room in your luggage, and you’ll feel better knowing it’s there if you get stranded in an airport or hotel for another day!

Check in tomorrow to see if I managed to get everything in one bag!


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