Packing Smart: Beach Time!


I’m being a tad optimistic with this post. The high temperature isn’t supposed to get over 70 while we’re on vacation, but I’m bringing stuff for the beach anyway. You never know…it could be just nice enough for a little fun in the sun!

When I pack for a beach vacation, I try to make sure everything I’ll need for the beach fits in a nice tote bag. It’s easy to pack, and I don’t feel like I’m juggling a bunch of stuff around. This yellow bag is an oldie but goodie from Target, and with the outer pockets, can fit a ton of stuff!


First things first – you gotta have sunscreen! I went with the Ulta sunscreen because, well, it’s cheap as hell and it works. I found that springing for more expensive sunscreen doesn’t seem to be worth it – the stuff is all pretty much the same in the end. You still need to reapply it often, regardless of how much it costs. I brought a traditional lotion, which I can apply anytime, and a spray version for the beach (since I don’t care if it gets  on my swimsuit). My husband quite enjoys the spray can version because he doesn’t need me to help with with much of it. I like it because it doesn’t feel greasy, but I do like the lotion for when I’m wearing clothes and don’t want to spray them down too.


I also have a weird tradition that vacation time is for frivolous reading. I found a copy of Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me for $6 at Barnes and Noble, so I scooped that up with a couple girly magazines. The beach is the best time for sitting under the sun with a book or magazine, and chilling out. I do have an iPad, but the thought of taking it to a sandy beach and ruining it, the high chance it could get stolen, and the fact that I can’t read a damn thing on it when it’s sunny, led me to leave it at home this time around. I won’t miss it, especially since I had to bring the laptop with me anyway.


I also added to the bag a nice, fluffy beach towel, flip flops, and when we get there, the outer pockets are perfect for water bottles or a small snack. Perfect for an afternoon at the beach…you know, if it ends up warm enough!

I would add some tips for packing for the beach, but honestly, just pack a tote bag, sunscreen, and some trashy book, and you’ll be all set. 🙂


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