Life Lately…and Next Week

Happy Friday everyone!

I thought I’d share some random stuff that’s been going on around here this week. Nothing exciting, really…but still worth sharing.

For years, my husband openly complained…bitched, even…about people who ate “burgers that aren’t burger.” He felt people were somehow either cheating themselves out of the real thing, or just being stupid and trying to convince themselves that they were better than the rest of us by not eating beef.

So much to my surprise, after a month of my vegetarian dinners, he asked me if I wanted to try making some turkey burgers…you know…”just to see if they’re gross.” Yep, that’s how he approaches new things…assuming they’ll be gross, and being pleasantly surprised that they’re not. Whatever. It gave me the perfect excuse to try out something new.

I had never made turkey burgers before now, mostly because of the aforementioned bitching and moaning. So I gave it a shot (in fact, I’ve made them twice now), and they were pretty damn good. All I added to them was a TON of green onion, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and brushed them with a little bit of vegetable oil. They seem to require a bit more flavor added to keep them from being bland, and you definitely need to cook them longer than regular beef burgers (no pink centers allowed!), but other than that…they are a pretty good foil for regular burgers. I’ll definitely keep this on the list of dinners to make this summer!

This is what the office looked like until Thursday afternoon. I called it a mess, but D. just laughed and said “A mess is something that takes all day to clean up. You just have things out…and not far from where they go. That’s not a mess.” He’s kind of right, I guess – after I was done with grading, this took all of 10 minutes to clean up. 🙂



I’m not a beer drinker. I hate the stuff. But…BUT…I do like me some cider now and then. I picked this one up at the store last weekend, and decided to have one after I got home from shopping on Tuesday. They’re not very sweet, which is good, and just the thing after a long day of work and fun.

In fact, one sounds good right now. 🙂

So…about next week.

I’ll be on vacation starting Saturday. This means I might not be online too much during the week, but we’ll see. I’m taking my laptop with me, but something tells me I’ll only be using it to watch movies and maybe pop onto Twitter once in a while. I’m planning to spend the week lounging on the beach, touring a couple wineries, and not having to cook for a whole week. It’s gonna be amazing, I hope!

The blog, however, will NOT be on vacation! I have a lot of vacation-related posts for next week, and you should stop by to see what I’ve got cooked up for the week!

I hope you’re all having a great Friday, and that you have a good weekend!



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