Thrift Stop Therapy

Well…it’s been a long week.

After spending two hours at work on Tuesday with final grade problems, and finding out some other crap news, I spent the rest of the afternoon in the shittiest of moods. In a nutshell, I found out on Tuesday that we’re switching textbooks starting in the summer, which is only two weeks away. This means that, instead of taking a two week unpaid vacation, I’m taking a one week vacation and spending the other week building a new class from scratch…and no, I’m not getting paid for that.

I was also frustrated because now that means my Picking My Battle goal for May might end up a total bust. Instead of working on the blog, I’ll be working on my real job – which would be fine if they’d pay me for it, but they won’t be, and that makes me so mad. It’s a good idea I took Tuesday and Wednesday off blogging, trust me. It would have become a nasty place around here.

So, to get out of the house and keep myself busy, I did a little retail therapy. Since I’m broke as shit, this can only mean one thing:

Thrift Shop!

I headed out to Kettering, OH to a thrift shop I actually don’t frequent that often. It’s the same group that runs the one near my house, but this one is a LOT bigger. I also have to say this one isn’t as well-organized, so you have to spend the time doing some digging around, which was just the kind of distraction I needed. 

I came home with quite a bit of stuff, mostly because I realized last week that I am woefully unprepared to go on vacation next week. I only owned two pair of shorts that fit, and that just won’t do! Here’s the breakdown:

Skirt (never worn, tags still on!): $4
Shorts (3 pairs at $4 each): $12
Red Capris (not sure why they’re cheaper than shorts, but whatever): $3
Necklace: $0.69
Bracelet: $4

Total: $23.69!IMG_1262
I kind of thought that $4 for the bracelet was a bit much, but there wasn’t a price tag on the necklace, and the nice lady at the counter just arbitrarily said $0.69 seemed okay. So I guess in the end, I think of them as each only being about $2 each, and I can live with that.

After thrift shopping, I was left a tiny bit disappointed because I was also on the hunt for a nice cross-body bag to take on vacation. It turns out everyone and their mother cleared that store of cross-body bags because they heard that cross-body bags are in this year.

While I normally go for the shoulder bag, I kind of wanted to have a hands-free option. Last year, I kind of wish I had something like this while I was schlepping my ass through airports. We won’t be flying to our destination this time, but we do have to lug our own luggage on and off a ferry, so anything to make my life easier is worth it to me.

So, I hit up my local Kohls, and came home with this bad boy:


The crazy thing is that this bag normally retails for $99, but I managed to get it on sale for only $35! I was originally expecting to pay around $20 for a new bag (that would probably be a piece of crap that might survive the summer), so while this was a little more than I wanted to pay, it’s also a bag that I’ll have for a long time. I was also kind of stuck on getting a bright white cross-body bag after seeing so many blindingly-white bags lately online…so this one totally fits the bill.

This was the perfect way to spend a bad day, and ended up helping my terrible attitude. I don’t know if it was getting out of the house, spending 2 hours digging through racks and racks of shorts (they weren’t organized very well, so the sizes I needed were mixed in with everything), or the satisfaction of getting ready to take a vacation, but it helped. Oh, and I spent a LOT less than I thought I was going to, which is also a plus when you’re looking forward to a financially frustrating summer. 🙂

Have you done any successful thrifting lately?


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