PMB Recipe: Pasta with Tomato Sauce (and cookies!)


I told you I had no idea what I was going to cook this week. So I kind of went back to where this challenge all started – a bowl of steaming, tasty pasta. After a long day at work, and with final exams looming over my head, I went with something stupid easy.


That’s right – it was only 3 ingredients. I didn’t even make my own sauce, I’m that lazy. Throwing caution to the wind when it comes to food blogging, I decided to whip this up mostly to use up the last of the wheat rotini, Ragu, and Parmesan that I had sitting in the fridge. I’d post a recipe, but any dumbass college kid with a stove can figure out how I did this. 🙂


I know it wasn’t the healthiest of dinners, especially when you add in the mozzarella sticks (again, trying to use up what we have in the house). But it did the job, and I’m definitely heading out for a long bike ride this afternoon to make up for it.

Oh, and I also have to make up for baking cookies for one of my classes. They missed out on my baking cookies earlier in the semester, so I baked a batch up Sunday night to take to class. Normally, I use them in an exercise to teach about description by making them describe a cookie for 20 minutes before they can eat it. I’m an evil genius.


For anyone who has ever wanted to know my secret to making awesome chocolate chip cookies, it’s not a secret. Go buy the Toll House chocolate chips and follow the recipe on the back of the bag. It takes a few batches to get your oven’s temperature and timing right, but once you do, it’s super easy to make great cookies. Cookies people talk about for months. Cookies your students beg you to make for them because they had them last in August, and they still crave them. Again…I’m an evil genius when it comes to keeping the attention of a bunch of college students.


Oh, and for softer cookies, swap out the butter/margarine with butter flavored Crisco. I know this now means your cookies are artery-clogging death balls, but they’re really good. Also, it helps to use the Crisco if you have a shitty oven like me that can’t control its own temperature. Crisco stands up to the uneven temps better than butter, so I use it. Arteries be damned!


I made these while D. was working out. He kept coming over and asking if he could eat the whole bowl of dough. I said, “No way, get your ass back in the living room and do your p90x!” 🙂



When baking these, it’s also a good idea to check them a minute or so under the recommended baking time if you like them a little bit softer in the middle. I, however, had to bake these a little longer than I usually do because I have a pregnant student, and I wanted to make sure that since I used eggs that they were baked properly. I’m sure I made a bigger deal about that than I needed to, but I know she can’t eat raw cookie dough, so I figured I’d give them an extra minute or two. They turned out just fine, and I came home with an empty cookie box, which I think means they like them. 😉

Sorry that my recipe today isn’t more exciting, but honestly I’m just trying to get through the piles of ingredients I bought for the challenge, and a few other things we needed to get rid of. My last recipe will be Wednesday (which I know is May 1, but it’s also my last day of evening classes), and I’ll be back then to wrap up how my first challenge went…and to let you in on my challenge for May!


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