Spring Trend: Neon Yellow

Spring Trend: Neon Yellow

I’m seriously digging the neon colors for spring and summer this year, and for some reason, I’m gravitating toward yellow. Could it be the months and months without sunshine? Or the need to stand out among the sea of navy and white stripes? Or that for some strange reason, neon yellow goes with pretty much everything I already have in my closet?

Either way, this is a trend I’m okay with trying out this year. I have found a bunch of neon yellow accessories at various places like Target, Old Navy, and TJ Maxx – and can’t wait to come home with a few new things to work into my wardrobe when the weather gets a little warmer!

Oh, and just so we’re clear – I won’t wear all of the neon yellow stuff at one time. Just add bits of it here and there to my already fairly neutral outfits.

However, I would guess that if someone were in the mood for some man-repelling…a full-out neon outfit would do the trick.


3 thoughts on “Spring Trend: Neon Yellow

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