Springtime Biking…Finally!


After months of waiting, I finally made it outside for a proper bike ride!

With the 70+ degree temperatures, I made absolutely sure that I could make it out for a nice, long ride Sunday afternoon.



**My husband gave me this thrift store find from many years ago. It’s so worn out that it’s almost completely see-through…but it’s soo comfortable that I wear it anyway. I don’t care that people can see my bright pink sports bra underneath it. 🙂

What’s also worth celebrating is that I rode 11 miles! The most I usually do is about 10, but with the weather being so cold lately, I just get too chilly and worn out after about 8 miles. Yay for reaching a personal best!



Let’s hope the weather stays this way from here on out – I can’t wait for more long afternoon rides in the sun!


2 thoughts on “Springtime Biking…Finally!

  1. I’m not sure how I found your site, but I am enjoying your writing style. I just had to comment on this post. When I first saw your SDSU t-shirt, I thought maybe you went to school there, until I read about your husband’s thrift store find. My son actually goes to SDSU and we live about an hour from the school. Just a strange coincidence that I start reading your blog and you have that shirt. 🙂 (Also – why would someone get rid of a college t-shirt?! Don’t you tend to wear them until they turn to rags?! haha)

    • You’re not the first person to ask me about the shirt! I got stopped while hiking in a park once and asked if I went there – and being that I’m all the way in Ohio, it was kind of a strange coincidence!

      I don’t know why anyone got rid of this shirt. It’s the most comfortable shirt I own, even if the back of it is so worn out that it’s practically see-through!

      Glad to hear you like the blog! I started it last fall, mostly for fun, but I’m finding that I really enjoy it!

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