April So Far

Happy Friday!

April so far has been…well…a lot like March. It’s still pretty cold, but I hear that the temperature is supposed to heat up over the weekend and stay that way. I’m even hoping that I have time to sneak out for a bike ride this afternoon after classes and meetings.

Anyway, here are some pics from the past week. Hope you’re all having a great Friday, and that you have a fun-filled weekend!


This is the kind of go-to outfit I resort to when the weather is all over the place. Skinny jeans, light sweater, scarf. Don’t worry – I wore shoes too, but they were downstairs. I have a pile of skirts waiting to be worn, but it’s hard to get up the nerve to wear them when the day starts out at 20-ish degrees!



I had a coupon to try this yogurt, but the only flavors they had at the store were vanilla with almonds, and blueberry with granola. Normally, I LOVE Greek-style yogurt, and while blueberry isn’t my favorite flavor, I don’t usually mind it.

This one, however, tasted horrible. I could barely choke down half of it and threw out the rest. I’m hoping the vanilla and almond one is better. Something about overly-strong, fake blueberry flavor is just disgusting to me. Blech.



I made up for this terrible taste in my mouth by trying out a recipe I saw on the blog No. 2 Pencil for the Perfect Single Serving Size Chocolate Chip Cookie. Well, let’s just say that while it only makes 2 cookies…they’re 2 very LARGE cookies! The recipe was super easy, baked in about 8-10 minutes, and they’re GOOD. They taste exactly like the Toll House recipe that I usually make…which is dangerous…because this was WAY too easy! Melissa has several recipes on her site for single serving cookie recipes, and they’re kind of perfect if I just want a couple cookies without all the fuss of baking a bunch of them (or having dozens of cookies in the house that, well, I know I’ll just sit and eat).

Oh, and I swear…I ate them after I drank a really, really good green smoothie for lunch. Gotta have balance, right? 😉

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday afternoon, and have a great weekend!


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