Picking My Battle: April

So the Picking My Battle: March was a complete bust. I spent a good portion of March either sick, or just not in the mood for 1,000 ab exercises each week. I made it through week 1 with about 500 exercises, got sick for the next week, and after that I think I only averaged about 200 each week. Sure, it’s better than none…but definitely not mission accomplished.

I think for April I’m going to go with something I think will be a lot easier to tackle, and something I know that I’ll enjoy doing each week. I mean, who doesn’t like eating?

Picking My Battle: April

Try two new vegetarian recipes each week.


(*I made pasta with broccoli and parmesan Monday night…and it was goooooood.)

Since I’m teaching evening classes twice every week, those nights D. and I don’t eat dinner together. So we decided that instead of me trying to make a whole dinner during my 2 hour break in the afternoon, and him not wanting to reheat it (or eat it at all), we would just make our own dinners on those nights. For him, this usually means some kind of omelette or scramble, so he’s all good. For me, it’s whatever I can squeeze in either before I go to class at 5pm, or whenever I get home around 8:30pm.

Yep…my eating schedule this semester is awful and inconsistent. When I have time to eat depends a lot on how much work I have to do throughout the day, and what time I get home each night. Most nights, I get home around 8:30pm and I’m so hungry and tired that I’ll make anything that sounds good or easy. This usually leads to me eating a lot of eggs, frozen chicken, hashbrowns, pasta, and other things that aren’t great for me. I get that it’s better than bringing home Five Guys every night (and trust me that’s hard not to do…it’s on my way home and it’s soooo goooooood), but frozen chicken nuggets can’t be much better.

This month I want to focus on getting back to cooking more…and better. It’s hard for me to make the effort when I know my husband won’t eat half of it (he’s going carb-less, which means like 80% of my recipes are off the table), and I’m getting tired of the same old chicken breasts, steak, and pork chops every night. I also think that if I can get into making some vegetarian recipes for myself, it might entice D. to rethink the whole “meat every single night” idea. I know going vegetarian even a couple nights each week will be better for my health, cheaper on the wallet, and challenge me to try new things.

So each week, I will showcase two new recipes that I’ll be trying out for my Monday and Wednesday night dinners. I’ll let you know how they go, and if I manage to convince the hubs that quinoa isn’t the devil (I made it once, and he hated it…but to his credit, I did a terrible job cooking it).

Also, if you have any suggestions on good recipes to try, cookbooks to buy, or food blogs to check out, leave me a comment! I’m always open to new advice on where to look for recipes!

Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin! I just signed up for it a couple weeks ago, and it makes reading your blogs every day so much easier! I get to go to one place to read them all, instead of spending an hour going through my Bookmarks folder…so much nicer!

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