Last Day of Winter

So in honor of the last day of winter last Tuesday (and because it was nice outside), I decided to take a hike. Even though it was the end of winter, I found it more beautiful than I thought. This is the first winter that I really took advantage of hiking and biking outdoors, and I can say honestly that I don’t hate winter as much as I used to. Sure, it’s cold and can be a bit visually dull sometimes – but it’s very different than summer, and I like that.

So here’s to winter – the season no one likes, and everyone should learn to love at least a little more. Without it, we would never appreciate spring, summer, or fall nearly as much.






I am very glad I decided to go with rain boots instead of the tennis shoes I usually wear. There were a lot of areas in the park that were very muddy, or giant puddles. Admittedly, though…I had fun trudging through it. 🙂


Oh, and this is the only easy way to get to the part of the park I like to hike in the most. It’s also the main reason why I’m glad that I chose to go with rain boots. Otherwise, I would have spent the afternoon stuck in the busier part of the park, rather than getting to hike peacefully and alone. 🙂

I’m excited for spring, to see how the park will change and grow in the coming months. But I’ll always have a better appreciation for the winter months I’ve spent here, since hiking through snow, ice, water, and dead leaves can be a bit more of a challenge than usual.


So I wrote this post on Friday, with every intention of enjoying a nice weekend. I woke up Sunday morning to this:


Yep…we’re due for anywhere from 4-10 inches of snow over Sunday night and Monday. Gotta love spring in the Midwest…you never know what you’re going to see when you wake up each morning!


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