Shopping for Spring

Spring can be a tricky season in the Midwest. Shopping for spring can be even more difficult, especially if you’re like me and have practically zero budget for it.

The main problem with spring in Ohio is that it’s very much an “in-between” season. We have days that are warm and sunny, followed immediately by days that are cold and rainy (as you have seen on the blog a lot lately). This year, we have even had a few snow storms mixed into the spring-like weather. It’s a schizophrenic time of year, weather-wise, and our outfits definitely reflect that.

As much as I’d love to pack away my sweaters, turtlenecks, and thick tights, it’s still cold enough to need them. And while I’d also love to start dressing like the bloggers I read about from the West Coast and the South, it won’t be that warm here until June. So for now, I live in a hybrid of those clothes, and pretty much have every piece of clothing I own in the rotation right now.

The cool thing is that we Midwestern ladies are great at mixing winter and summer elements together to create our own idea of spring fashion. I have no problem wearing a sweater over a short dress with rain boots, shorts with tights (okay, I personally don’t do that, but plenty of people here do), and blazers in lieu of a winter coat when it finally gets over freezing temperatures. I have an entire closet to play with, and I like being able to put it to work.

Another problem with having my entire wardrobe in constant rotation is that some pieces get old or worn out quickly. I’m constantly craving a little something new to mix things up, and make better use of the staple pieces I’ve collected over the years. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money for a whole new spring wardrobe, but I have slowly started working on getting a few pieces here and there to help brighten up the clothes I already have.

Last week, before the allergy sickness hit, I did a little shopping at the thrift store (the same one from my Macklemore Challenge post) and Target. I came home with a few things that I think are going to work very well for spring.


I am slowly turning into a bit of a blazer addict. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t get enough of them! I think it stems from my distaste for spring jackets (honestly, I don’t even have one anymore), and perhaps the idea that a blazer can make any outfit look more put-together or professional. Pair either of these with a crisp, white shirt, skinny jeans, killer heels, and some statement jewelry, and I can totally wear it to work, out shopping, or wherever I want. I can also add a scarf, and totally get away with wearing them as a jacket if need be when it’s a little colder outside. For $13 for the pair of them, they fit right into my tight budget, and they’re both in really good condition. They remind me of Chanel blazers, and since that’s a style that will never go away, I think these were a wise investment. I’ll have them (hopefully) for years to come.

I’m going to admit that I’m not a huge fan of clothes at Target, but these shirts are something I scoop up any time I see them on sale. I like that they’re a little slouchy, super comfortable, and as they get old and wear out, they have a great vintage look to them. I always buy them a size larger than I normally wear, so that they have room to shrink a little, yet stay properly slouchy. I already own them in grey, black, and white, so I decided to pick up a couple in mint green and neon yellow. I’m excited to start finding ways to mix in some neon into my wardrobe, and I thought this would be a great start. They look great with pretty much anything, so they’re well worth the money to me.

What new pieces are you looking to add to your wardrobe this spring? I’m still on the hunt for a green military style jacket, some new black flats, and a smaller purse…so any ideas on where to find those would be greatly appreciated as well!


4 thoughts on “Shopping for Spring

    • Wow…great bargain! I’m a big fan of waiting it out on something I really love as well – it usually works out that I get clothing much cheaper that way. It’s rarely happened that something I really wanted didn’t go on sale, or was gone by the time it was on sale. 🙂

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