Spring Cleaning Process: Days 4-7

Well, I’m back to work today. Mondays and Wednesdays are going to be very long days, starting at 10am and going through until 8:30pm. This means I’ll probably have less time to blog throughout the week, but I’ll do the best I can for now, and hopefully get into a routine soon.

As for how the rest of the “spring break” week went…


I woke up to this every morning this week. I managed to restrain myself and get a picture of breakfast before eating most of it this time! I even made a batch for this week, since it’s so easy to just pop in the microwave while my coffee is brewing. I added chocolate chips to it this week for a little extra sweetness. I don’t always do the pineapple juice with it, but I did last week as a special treat.

Thursday and Friday I mostly spent cleaning. It seems like I do this all the time, but honestly, after about 3 days our apartment seems to go back to the way it was before I cleaned. Our bathroom made it about 2 days. It frustrates me to no end that I make an honest effort to keep things neat and tidy, but it never lasts long. You wonder why I’m not keen on pets or kids yet? Yeah…one clutter-obsessed husband is enough for now. I don’t have many pics from those days, mostly because D. came home Friday afternoon, and I was super busy. I do have one for you, though:


Yep…I did finally get that laundry put away! Just in time to fill the basket with dirty laundry, which I will wash AND put away tomorrow!

(*Ignore the broken drawer on the bottom. I’m planning to replace this old dresser when we move next. It’s a cheap piece of shit, and I’ve had it forever. In fact, after trying to fix it twice, I’ve just given up for now.)

Saturday was a total wash. We went to the store in the morning, and a few hours later, while watching Brunch at Bobby’s, my husband saw a recipe for Tropical Sangria that he really wanted to try. So while he stayed home to work out, I spent 2 HOURS trying to find everything to make it. Turns out passion fruit juice/nectar doesn’t exist around here, so I had to swap it for guava juice.


It turned out great, and I was so hammered after 2 of them, I forgot to take a picture of the end result. Just as a general warning – Bobby Flay drinks will get you druuuuuunk.

Sunday was pretty great, in spite of waking up with a little bit of a sangria hangover. I woke up to 60 degree weather, and by the afternoon it was 65, so I did the one thing I always do when it’s nice outside – bike ride!!


Looks a lot different from my last post, huh?




Yellow Springs was absolutely packed, but since most of the hipsters were walking around, things got a little quieter after I got out of town. It was so nice to get outside and ride for a bit. I managed to get in 8 miles before the sun started to go down. Sure, my ass hurts today, but it was totally worth it!

Oh, and for the curious, here’s where I ended the week on my “To Do List:”

1. School = 100% done!
This list was mostly just getting ready for this week, so it was easy to get done. My list of things to do for school is ever-growing, but it was nice to get this out of the way early last week so I could spend a few days not thinking about it. Sometimes getting some separation from work is nice, especially since I don’t have the kind of job I can leave only at work.

2. Cleaning / Purging = 70% done
I pretty much got all of the cleaning done, and none of the purging. I have a huge stack of old scrapbooking supplies I need to donate, but I haven’t found a good place around here to take it, so for now it stays on the list. I also wasn’t banking on going through all my old documents and shredding them to take a whole afternoon, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can get the rest of it done.

3. Personal = 50% done
This just goes to show you that I often put myself last. I got done the things that needed to be done, but didn’t get to a few important things. Most of the stuff on this list was silly stuff (like painting my toenails, which I didn’t do), so not getting to all of it was fine. Much like the cleaning/purging list, I’m hoping to wrap this list up sometime this week or next. I’ll paint my toenails…I will!

Oh, and I made it to 500 ab exercises last week. So 50% done on that too. I think deciding to start that during my “Aunt Flo” week was a bad idea. I did as much as I could muster, and am glad to say I did better than I thought. This week will be much easier, I hope!

4. Blog = 10% done
Yep…this is where I dropped the ball. I’m working on it…I really am!

Well, I’m off to scrounge up some dinner and head out to my evening class. I’ll be back this week with some fun posts, and maybe a deep one here and there.

Hope you are all having a great Monday!


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Process: Days 4-7

    • I think it has a lot to do with coming from very different families. My family is the type where everything has to be hidden away, but his family is filled generations-deep with hoarders who live happily in clutter. It’s not as bad as it used to be, honestly – I just get annoyed that he has to have things like medicine out on the kitchen counter, when there’s a perfectly good medicine cabinet in the bathroom literally 5 feet to his left.

      Personal growth is hard. I totally agree!

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