Spring Cleaning Progress: Days 1-2

Good afternoon!

Well, the first couple days of my “spring break” have gone pretty well so far. I have been pretty productive, with the help of a very long “To Do” list.

I decided to make the process a little bit more fun and buy a new notebook. I picked up this one at Target on clearance for $4. It has 4 color-coded sections, which I think will come in handy with my overly-organized, list-obsessed nature. It also helps that it’s spiral-bound, so I can set it down flat while I work on stuff. The one underneath it is my calendar/planner, which I’m pretty sure I also got at Target. Don’t they look lovely together?



The list so far is 5 pages long, and I broke it down into different categories, with the hope that I could tackle one list each day. The lists are broken down into these categories:

1. School – DONE!

The school list wasn’t that bad, to be honest. I am starting two new classes after break (we do half-semester classes…which is a LOT of work!), so I spent most of Monday getting those ready to go. It took me the better part of 8 hours, but it’s all done!

2. Cleaning/Purging – Getting there…very, very slowly

This one I was planning to get done today, but it looks like I’m barely going to put a dent in it. Turns out I spent almost the entire morning/afternoon taking care of this mess:


After about 3 hours of going through all of my old paperwork, and shredding almost half of it, I was left with this:


I know it probably doesn’t look like much, but here’s a pic of what I shredded:



Yeah…it’s kind of a lot. But it’s a lot of stuff that was outdated, unnecessary, and taking up precious space. The top shelf of the filing cabinet is all of my school stuff (since I don’t have an office of my own, I keep handouts and schoolwork in there), so I didn’t have to deal with that one, thankfully.

So for now, this list is “in progress…slowly.” I just got done dying my hair, so cleaning the bathroom might be next on my list. πŸ™‚

3. Personal – Getting there…also slowly

This one is a hodgepodge of stuff that doesn’t relate to cleaning or work. Things like paying taxes, dying my hair (done!), and finally getting rid of my old email address from before I was married. I’m not really trying too hard to get everything done on this list, since it’s a lot of things I can do whenever…but writing them down is a start, right?

4. Blog – Haven’t even touched this one yet

I have a few things I want to do to streamline the blog a bit, mostly to make posting and tracking comments easier for myself. Also considering design stuff, but since I’m design-stupid, that might take a while. It’s a challenge I’m up for, though, because I love learning things I’m terrible at. The blog is becoming quite a learning experience, so keep coming back to see how things turn out…and bear with me if things aren’t perfect.

So there you have it – 2 days of “spring break” / “spring cleaning” out of the way. I’m sure there will be more I can get done before D. gets home (and all productivity is out the window), but I’d have to say so far, it has been a good couple of days.

Now, I’m off to put away that laundry sitting in front of my dresser…I promise I will get it put away today!



3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Progress: Days 1-2

  1. Ooh – super organized. I LOVE notebooks but I resist buying them as MY ENTIRE LIFE is in a virtual capacity (so I am screwed if the power goes out)
    I have a “notepad” on the main screen of my smart phone (it’s up to 15 pages now) that holds my brain. All my paperwork is online now… banking and such. As for blogging – I have a folder on my laptop “desktop” with detailed to do lists and folders all separated with ‘post specific’ pictures and note documents. A tip I use for staying ahead with my posts is: I take time out one day in the week when it’s spare and try and knock up some draft posts so they’re all ready to post when the time is right.
    Keeping up with comments is easier if you have an email sent to your smart phone as soon as someone comments. Well it is with Blogger and a google phone in my case πŸ™‚
    Happy blogging and good luck with your targets πŸ™‚

    β™₯ Paula Shoe Fiend.

    • Thanks for the advice! I’m starting to see how blogging on a regular basis can really pile up, especially when juggling it with a pretty demanding job!

      I’m old school when it comes to lists and stuff. I only recently got an iPhone, and while it’s great for grocery lists, I can’t seem to get used to using it for much else yet. That, and there’s a certain satisfaction I get from checking things off a written list. I don’t know why…but it totally works for me. πŸ™‚

  2. Clean! Clean! nice post! Intersting blog1
    Do you want follow eachother?

    I wait for you fo a new MANICURE POST!
    Kisses from Rome

    Federica smartchicdietreadbooksandfly.blogspot.it

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