Random Post

It has a very busy, yet unexciting week/weekend, so I thought I’d share what snippets I have from the past week or so.

Today is (hopefully) the only work day I will have over this week’s spring break, so there will be plenty more on the blog the rest of the week. For now, I have to get the boring stuff done before I get on to the fun!



This is what happens when I come home early on a school night, and my husband is still downstairs doing his p90x workouts. I leave him be, take my dinner upstairs, and eat it while watching YouTube videos (this night happened to be a Daily Grace marathon…that girl is hilarious!). It’s not ideal, but I’d rather do this than listen to that Tony guy telling me to “do your best and forget the rest.” Something about eating while watching a workout video seems…weird and wrong.




On Tuesday, I had a short break from grading final exams and papers to do some laundry. This is as far as the laundry got – and yes, I’m fully aware that it’s a whole 2 inches away from being put in the dresser. It’s still sitting there, by the way – proof that I’m just as lazy as everyone else, especially if I’ve been busy. It will get put away…eventually.



Good ol’ Ohio weather. I started the official “first day of spring break” yesterday by waking up to snow. This is my problem with spring break in Ohio – it’s not even spring yet…not even close! It is supposed to warm up throughout the week, so hopefully there will be more bike riding and hiking in my near future.



There has been, and will be, lots of coffee. Just sayin’.



This weekend was one long, boring blur. I think I painted my nails on Saturday night. It’s the color “Turquoise and Caicos” by Essie. I’m not the biggest fan of Essie nail polishes, mostly because they seem to need 4 coats to look halfway decent, but I wanted to go with a fun color for spring. I did 3 coats, and it still looks like it could use one more…but who has time to wait on 4 coats of nail polish? Not me!

Well, I’m off to go finish my coffee, read a few blogs, then it’s back to work for me!

If you’re on spring break, have fun!

If you’re a normal grown up who doesn’t have spring break anymore…have fun too!


One thought on “Random Post

  1. I love the “first day of Spring break” and it looks stormy as! We had a one day “heatwave”in the UK yesterday (there is no end to optimism concerning the weather in this country) 10 degrees Celsius! And now it’s raining today 😉
    I hate waiting for nail polish to dry – I always buy the quick drying ones – then you can do 2 thicker coats rather than 4 thin ones #perfect_crime.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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