Tackling the Bathroom

Happy Friday everyone!

I woke up yesterday in the worst mood, and had a frustrating morning of trying to get work done. For the afternoon, I put work aside and decided to clean the bathroom.

I know that cleaning the bathroom is a love/hate chore for most people, but for me, it’s quite cathartic. I don’t know if it’s the physical exertion, the sense of accomplishment when done, or the high I get from the bleach, but it really does make me feel better.


Since we have two bathrooms on two floors, I keep all of my supplies in a bucket that I can easily take to wherever I need it. In a perfect world, I’d keep it all under the sink. Maybe I should think about doing that…hmm.


We’re a big “no shoes in the house” kind of couple, mostly because our carpet is terrible already (yay crappy apartment carpet). This is one of my only exceptions. Bathroom cleaning can be gross, and after slipping on a Scrubbing Bubbles puddle in there one too many times, I need shoes.

The Before:

I know it doesn’t look that bad, but my camera can’t really capture the grunge on the sink, the filthy mirror, and my frustration that D. has to have EVERY. SINGLE. THING. on the counter (that pile of stuff on the right is ALL his). I’m not sure why one needs a giant bottle of hydrogen peroxide within sight at all times, but whatever.


The After:

Again, probably doesn’t look any different. Stupid camera. But if you’ll notice, a ton of stuff that D. insisted on keeping out in the open is gone. I should also add that before taking the “before” photo, I already removed a band aid box, his prescription meds, deodorant,  and a few other things I can’t remember right now. It’s all either in the medicine cabinet or under the sink. Hopefully it stays that way. I am not putting much faith in that, though.


Before you get all “You probably take up the rest of the bathroom, so maybe it’s out because he doesn’t have somewhere to put it,” I need to let you in on something. He has the entire half bathroom downstairs all to himself. The medicine cabinet down there is PACKED with stuff, and he has 3 drawers full of stuff in there as well. He also 3/4 of the linen closet for his towels and extra bathroom supplies. Add to that the fact that about half of this bathroom is his stuff…and well, I think putting a couple things he rarely uses under the sink isn’t asking for too much.

That’s right, folks – my husband is, as the lovely Jenna Marbles would say, a “goo hoarder.” It’s an ongoing problem in our house. Every time I get him to go through everything and get rid of the empty/dried out/expired stuff, he uses that as an excuse to “stock up,” and so the cycle continues.

Anyway, the bathroom is clean now and I’m feeling much better.


I also decided to deal with the wilted Valentine’s Day flowers. The ones that were still looking okay got trimmed and put in a drinking glass to decorate my desk. It’s nice to have them here. They smell nice, look pretty, and are a nice way to perk up a long day.

The rest of the day I spent cleaning the rest of the upstairs, making dinner, and making sure we have enough food in the house to survive today. We got one hell of an ice storm last night, and it looks like one giant ice rink outside right now. I keep hearing it will be almost 50 degrees this afternoon, so I’m hoping that it thaws out enough so I can get out of the house for a bit!

Hope everyone is having a great Friday, and for those of you in my position today, stay warm and safe!

ps – For those of you who don’t know who Jenna Marbles is, or what I mean by “goo hoarders,” here’s what I’m referring to. This is NSFW, so don’t watch if your boss is within ear shot…she cusses quite a bit!


2 thoughts on “Tackling the Bathroom

    • I’ll have to think about a basket for the future. For now, most of the stuff stays put away…but only time will tell on whether it stays that way!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog too! I’m trying out something new this year, and hopefully it’s something I can stick with for a long time to come. I’ve always wanted to have a blog, but until now didn’t really have the time. Still learning as I go, but so far it has been fun!

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