Staying Relevant

At 29, I’m starting to feel that I’m not as cool and relevant as I used to be. People used to ask me a lot about my career, traveling, what nail polish I was wearing, etc.

Now people just ask me if I’m pregnant. You know, which is so much better. 😛

So to make sure that I’m not losing too much of my “youthful street cred,” I’m sharing with you today a music video that has been going around that I thought was pretty catchy and hilarious.

For you home improvement, fixing up old dressers junkies….you fashionable thrifted leather skirt junkies…and you broke-ass teachers who have to look profesh on a budget junkies (like me!)…I give you the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, featuring Wanz song “Thrift Shop.”

(Warning: It’s a rap song…which means there is swearing…and lots of it…so maybe don’t listen to this at work, unless you think your boss might like it, then go ahead I guess.)

Happy Friday, everyone, and have a great weekend!


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