Winter Randomness

Much like many people in this part of the country, I’m freezing my ass off. It went from being tolerable outside to downright frigid. So, for the past few days, I’ve been spending a lot of time at home. I only had to work on Wednesday this week, so it’s been kinda boring around here.


Tuesday I spent some time working on blog stuff, and had one of the few leftovers I actually LIKE to eat – Bacon and Leek Risotto with Poached Egg from Bon Appetit’s website. Now, I’m not cool enough to poach eggs, so I just made a sunny-side-up egg for on top. I had the same thing for dinner the night before, and it’s still pretty damn good the next day!


There has been a lot of hot chocolate drinking going on here too, especially while working on blogging stuff. Unfortunately, I ran out, so I’m going to have to either improvise and make it from scratch (which I’m way too lazy to do), or just live without it until we hit the store tomorrow.

I also spent a good chunk of my Tuesday afternoon making BBQ pork ribs and cornbread for dinner. It’s one of my husband’s favorite dinners, and it’s something I can put in the oven and ignore for, like, 2 hours (not the cornbread…don’t ignore cornbread!).


Wanna know how I make cornbread? Go buy this:


…and follow the recipe on the back. Since we’re not milk people, I usually switch out the milk for soy milk. This time I used almond milk, and I honestly can’t tell either way…and  neither can my husband, and he’s picky about cornbread.

Also, do yourself a favor and don’t EVER use olive oil. I ran out of vegetable oil, and had to use a little olive oil…just a little. When they were done, they tasted like olive oil and not much else. So now I have a pile of them sitting in the fridge waiting for one of us to get desperate enough to eat them. I might attempt to make them into croutons or something.



Oh, and if you’re wondering why there is not “finished” picture of the ribs?

They didn’t make it that long…and since this blog is still a bit of a secret from the hubs, I couldn’t sneak in any pictures with him hovering around, salivating all over the place. Seriously, he loves ribs…maybe even more than he loves me. Maybe….

The short, no pictures version: Cover that pan of ribs with foil. Bake at 350 for 1.5 – 2 hours. For the last 10-15 minutes, remove the foil, cover ribs in BBQ sauce, and finish baking. We use Sweet Baby Ray’s for this because it’s good, and for some reason cheap – two things I like.

I know, I know…that’s probably not how I’m supposed to make ribs. Just remember I’m an ignorant girl from Ohio who probably wouldn’t know good barbecue if it bit her on the ass. It’s better than what I usually get for ribs around here, so deal with it…I know I have to.

While the ribs were in the oven, I had some time to catch up on some reading…


I didn’t quite get through all of it, so I’ll probably finish that tonight if I get bored.

Wednesdays are my teaching days, so I don’t have pics from yesterday. Just know that it was a long day, I may have accidentally not eaten lunch (I have the worst schedule), and still haven’t worked out this week. Cold weather makes me into a hermit…a chubby, lazy hermit.

Hope you’re all staying warm and cozy!


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