Scenes from a Long Weekend

I didn’t take too many pictures over the long weekend, but I managed to sneak in a few!

On Saturday, I went out during the afternoon for a long hike while the weather was still nice. I didn’t take many photos because the park was packed with people…but this was what I ended up with (and yes, I’m standing in the middle of a river).



Sunday was mostly spent doing laundry and other silly chores, so again…not too many photos. I managed to get one of my lunch, which was pretty good. I made Black Bean Soup for Two (from Taste of Home) for dinner the night before, and added the leftovers to some rice. The soup ended up a bit spicier than I had wanted it to (substituted crushed red pepper for hot sauce…oops), so the rice, cheese, and sour cream helped. I plan to add more food stuff on the blog eventually, if I can. I love to cook, but I’m usually so busy having fun that I forget to take pictures!


On Monday, I completely forgot that my husband also had the day off. I often take days off to clean, since he’s not a big fan of me running the vacuum or him smelling bathroom cleaner all day long. I cleaned anyway because, well, it was snowing outside and I had nothing better to do!



I try to clean my makeup brushes every week…but it doesn’t always happen. So I made sure to do that yesterday, and I hope to bully myself into making that more of a habit. I’m sure we all do!

Well, that’s my boring weekend. There was a lot of other stuff going on too, like finally getting into watching Fringe, getting things ready for what will be the easiest work week ever (only teaching one day!), and working on some things for the blog.

Stay tuned…things will be changing and updating as I go, especially now that I noticed people have started reading this thing!


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