The Real Wish List

I have seen a few blogs doing their “Fantasy vs. Reality” holiday wish lists. For now, I would just like to start with my ACTUAL holiday gift wish list.

These are a few things I have either seen in stores, online, or around the blogosphere that caught my attention this year. Of course, no one reads this blog (especially that would buy me presents), so for now this is a wish list that’s heavy on the wish.

(Click on the photos for purchasing info. for each and sources for photos.)

Kitchen Conversion Art Poster by SweetFineDay on Etsy, $28

I saw this poster a while ago on some other blog I can’t remember, and being a cooking fanatic, this would make a great addition to our kitchen/dining room area.

DKNY Military Double-Breasted Wool Blend Coat, Macy’s, $160

This was originally what I wanted my husband to get me for my holiday shopping trip this year, but it’s not in stores anywhere nearby, so it might have to wait until I can either find it in stores, or it goes super on sale in January!

Favorite Throw in Slate, West Elm, $29

Now that I have changed the linens on our bed to all white, I want to get a grey throw for nights when it gets a little too cold. I was also looking at one at Dwell Studio, but it seems they don’t sell it anymore. Oh well…this would do just fine!

My Cape Poster, Garance Dore, $40

I’m working on finding more artwork that I would like to hang up in my office, and this one seems to be simple, yet pretty enough to fit right in with what I have in mind for the space.

Art Nouveau Style Locket, by FreshyFig on Etsy, $28

I love the idea of wearing a locket…especially one that isn’t heart-shaped and too girly. This one is vintage, beautiful, and comes on a nice long chain…and it’s right in my price range for vintage jewelry!

So there you go. That’s my internet window-shopping holiday wish list. I am still going out with my husband for my special shopping trip (hopefully) this weekend, and I’ll let you know how that goes next week!

Have a great weekend!


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