(Almost) Packing it up for Winter

So last Friday, I had every intention of that being my last bike ride of the year. The weather has been getting progressively colder, and it’s been getting harder to get a ride in before it gets dark.

I spent a little more time outside than I normally do, taking pictures and taking it all in. The weather was a little nicer than normal, and though I went out a little later than I should have, it made for a nice afternoon.


I’m going to miss this view. The fall weather has been great, and the changing leaves have made each day look different from the last. The gym just doesn’t have this.



Yes, it was even nice enough outside to get away with no pants.

(Don’t be perverts…I had on pants. See below for proof.)


There’s me and my trusty mountain bike. It’s not the best bike out there, but I like it just fine. I might upgrade next year to something made more for trails and faster speeds, but for now, it’s good enough.

Oh, and back to that whole “intention” of it being my last bike ride…

I went back out again on Monday after work.

It was almost 70 degrees, and in Ohio, you just can’t miss out on a chance to get outside in that kind of weather. For all I know, that will be the last time for another 6 months.

So I guess it wasn’t my last bike ride of the year…but it was close enough…and I’m still going to be sad to pack it away all the same.

Until next year…


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