Beginnings…sort of.

Welcome to the beginning of something amazing…

…or lame. The jury is definitely still out on that one.

I would sit here and write all about beginnings, and flood this blog entry with every dumb quote or cliche I could think of. Not only would that make for terrible writing, but it wouldn’t be true.

Blogging isn’t new to me at all. I’ve been doing it on and off since 2002, mostly privately, as a way to vent, log my daily life, make friends all over the world, and make sense of my young adulthood. At 19, most of my blogs centered around dumb ex-boyfriends, school, friend drama, and figuring myself out. I stopped blogging after college, and picked it up again during grad school. Those blogs were mostly about living with my boyfriend, grad school woes, and gaining 40 pounds in the process. It was not a fun time for me, and living in a new city meant I didn’t have any friends to talk to, so I turned to my internet friends.

Now, I’m 29 years old, married, still living in the same town with no close friends, two jobs that I love (but I don’t love the paycheck), and only 30 of those 40 pounds I mentioned before. The only difference this time is that I’m finally ready to start making this blog a public forum. It’s going to be interesting trying to do this while knowing the people I love and care about are watching. I really hope I don’t piss too many people off, but I’m sure I will. It’s my nature.

So why the Fancy Alter Ego?

Those who know me would probably NEVER describe me as “fancy.” I get “smart,” “normal,” “average,” “nice personality,” and even the dreaded “homely” a lot. Growing up in the Midwest, we as a whole don’t pride ourselves on our fashion prowess, fitness, or sophisticated decorating sense. Sure, there are some people who defy that stereotype…and I definitely try to…but it’s not easy.

This blog will be my attempt to show off a side of me not too many people even know exists. I do have an interest in decor, fashion, fitness, and other things that go against my Midwestern sensibilities. Most people just know me as a bookworm, teacher, jeans-wearing, chubby, quiet person. I intend to use this blog to change that, starting now.



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