Moving is Tough


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(*As of today, this is what my car is going to look like when I move in a few weeks!)

This whole “moving cross-country” thing is turning out to be a lot more work than I anticipated. Between being overwhelmed with the number of apartments to look at in Seattle, the stress of not yet having a job lined up, and a husband whose anxiety is through the roof, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.


I keep reminding myself that moving sucks, no matter how near/far you’re moving. We’ve had easy moves that were a few hours away, and painfully stressful ones that were only a few miles away (see last July’s posts for more on that). I keep having to tell myself that once I get there, everything will be fine. I’m also starting to look forward to the trip, since I’ve never taken on anything like this, let alone by myself.

Having to say goodbye to both of my jobs last week didn’t help with the stress. It was tough to quit two jobs without knowing where or when my next one will be. It keeps me up at night, and I know that’s not a good thing. I know that I won’t get my “dream job” before I move, or even after I get there – hell, I didn’t even have my dream job last week. So while I’m doing my best to be realistic about the job thing…it still keeps me up at night.

Even with all the stress of moving, there has been one thing that is going great – getting rid of all my stuff! I don’t know why, but I get off on paring down my possessions. It’s making me a lot more mindful of what I need, and what’s just “stuff.” As I mentioned earlier, I’m giving a lot of stuff away to my sister, who is moving around the same time I am to attend grad school. She’s never lived in an apartment on her own, so she’ll end up with a lot of my kitchen stuff and furniture. The rest of my stuff is either being donated, recycled, thrown out, or sold via my Poshmark closet. Since I’ll be driving to Seattle, the plan is to only take what I can fit in my car – which isn’t going to be a lot! It has been a challenge that I’m having a lot of fun working on over the past week or two, and now that school is over, I can spend more time on!

Well, I’m off to (attempt to) head to bed for the night. Thanks for letting me vent, and if you live in the Seattle/Tacoma area, send me ideas on good neighborhoods/apartments to look at…or if you’re looking for someone to serve coffee, copyedit, or teach…holler at me!



Life Lately: Outdoor Fun


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Hello Everyone!

I’ve been dealing with the chaos of finishing school and getting ready to move, but in the midst of all that, I still find time to get outside quite a bit! This summer has been tricky because it has been rainy on most days that I want to get out, but on the few that aren’t, I lace up my hot pink shoes and get going.

On days that I was working early in the day, I would leave work and head out for some long walks (or short runs). This particular day was cloudy and a bit rainy, and everything was a bit hazy – the perfect weather for a laid back walk in the woods!




We’re getting to the part of summer where the corn is SUPER tall! I think this stuff was pushing 8ft. tall! I always forget how tall corn can be when I’m driving by it. :-)


I have also managed to get out for a few bike rides this summer! These were harder to pull off because I could only go on days I wasn’t working. This particular day was really hot and sunny – but I’ve been out for a rainy day or two as well. I forgot how much I miss riding!



Well, hope you enjoyed the photos! I’m off to recycle my body weight in paper, and donate a ton of stuff to Goodwill!

Hope you have a great Monday!

100 Happy Days Challenge: Days 61-70


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Welcome back!

After the big announcement, I took a few days off to enjoy myself and start getting ready for the move to Seattle. It’s going to be a stressful month, that’s for sure – but I’m still finding happy moments in all the chaos.

Days 61-64

Day 61: Started off with a beginner’s pilates video by Blogilates. It kicked my ass, but in a good way. My abs haven’t hurt that much in a long time!

Day 62: I’m almost embarrassed to say this, but that was the first bike ride I had done this year! It was so good to get out and ride, even if it is a half hour away from home! There is also a very big reality that I’ll have to sell/donate my bike before I move, so I wanted to get out for a good ride or two before that happens.

Day 63: My nephew is going through a strange phase where the only cake he’ll eat is carrot cake. So, for his annual birthday cupcakes, I obliged him and baked some carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. They were amazing!

Day 64: One of my favorite “dinner for one” meals is homemade pizza. This one was a white pizza made with chicken, mozzarella, fontina, bacon, and TONS of fresh herbs! Kinda makes me want to bake one for dinner tonight!

Days 65-68

Day 65: Managed to get out for a long walk/jog after work, and it was totally worth it! It’s not always easy to manage going from work to working out (it involves a VERY quick change in the car), but I always feel better when I do it.

Day 66: Late night pedicures are the best on lazy, boring nights!

Day 67: Got out for another bike ride through Yellow Springs. This one was a bit rainy, and felt like I was doing something naughty by staying outside anyway (which my mom would never approve of…sorry mom!).

Day 68: In an attempt to start packing, I am going through things one at a time to get rid of stuff I don’t need or truly love. After this was over, I now have an overflowing Sephora bag full of unused or slightly used beauty products to give away to family and friends!

Days 69-70

Day 69: Continuing on with the work I started the day before, I also opened my own Poshmark account to sell some of the clothes, jewelry, handbags, and shoes I’m not planning to take with me. I have a lot of things that are new or unworn that could use a good home, so check it out over on the right…or click here!

Day 70: This happened to fall on my 3rd wedding anniversary! I came home from work that afternoon to a lovely surprise from D – a hydrangea plant (my wedding bouquet was white hydrangeas), home-cooked brownies, and we capped off the night by going to one of our favorite restaurants. It was a great way to celebrate 3 years of marriage!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Selling Out…in a good way

#100happydays Day 69: Putting some amazing stuff up on #poshmark to sell off before I move! Check out my closet (username: @fancyalterego)!!

So, to start gearing up for my big move, I decided to start whittling down my closet and throwing a few things up on Poshmark! It’s a great site that allows people to buy and sell their gently used (or in a lot of cases, totally un-used) clothes and accessories.

I only wish I could do this with furniture…but I guess that’s what Craigslist is for, right?

Check out my closet on Poshmark, and tell your friends!


100 Happy Days Challenge: Days 51-60


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Welcome back to another edition of the 100 Happy Days Challenge! So far, the second half of the challenge has gone a lot more quickly – and it’s full of tons of great food, sights, and other random stuff.


Days 51-54

Day 51: Baked cookies for a class project on descriptive writing. Students of any age can appreciate a good chocolate chip cookie, but I definitely make them work for it! They described the cookie using the five senses (taste, of course, being the last) for almost 20 minutes before being allowed to eat them. I’m cruel…but it gets the point across.

Day 52: I saw someone drinking one of these on YouTube recently (Jonathan Joly, perhaps?), and since I love all things blood orange, I decided to try one. They’re dangerously good, and should be reserved only for special occasions…like a hot, sunny afternoon of working.

Day 53: While shopping around for a gift, I ended up in my local nursery, totally enamored with the whole row of hibiscus bushes. They’re my favorite flower, and it’s always nice to see them in Ohio (since they don’t grow here naturally).

Day 54: I know getting an oil change sounds like the worst way to spend an evening, but this falls under the “happy” category because while getting an oil change and other work done, the mechanic let me hang out in the AC while I waited. It was amazing, especially given the temperature hit in the 90s that day!

Days 55-58

Day 55: Decided to take an afternoon off from grading papers to read some magazines and freshen up my manicure. I can’t for the life of me remember the shade I used, but it came out uneven and cotton-candy pink. Not sure I’ll use it again, since it took 3-4 coats to get it right – though I did get a lot of compliments on it…

Day 56: While cleaning out my purse to find a lip gloss I wanted/needed, I found eight more – none of which were the one I was looking for. I believe Jenna Marbles calls this “goo hoarding.” I have a problem.

Day 57: It’s strawberry season, and I’ve been taking full advantage!

Day 58: Finally managed to get out for a hike! It has been storming here the past couple weeks, and it always seems to get bad on days I have time to head outside. While it was raining a little bit, I went out anyway for a nice hike in the woods.

Days 59-60

Day 59: I’ve been doing a lot of baking in June, between birthdays, cookies for school, and just for fun. This is a coffee cake I made last week – and before you get on my case about how bad it is for me, rest assured that I froze half of it for some other time (or for when I pawn it off on my brother in law). It was amazing, and paired well with a small scoop of cappuccino-flavored ice cream. July needs to be a healthier month for sure!

Day 60: Before putting myself on a spending hiatus, I hit up Old Navy to use a coupon I had lying around. I came home with a few new tanks, and a pair of black skinny jeans I desperately needed. That’s right – needed. :-)

Hope those of you doing the #100happydays challenge are keeping up with it better than I am, and that you’re having a great time, as always!


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